Chouriço Bread | Pão com Chouriço

My grandma’s chouriço bread was the best. No one in the world could / can make such bread as her. I don’t know if it was her hands, the way she kneaded or something else; the truth is, her chouriço bread was one of a kind.

And I don’t say this because my grandma’s food is better than yours, but because it was for real. When Cantinho de São João existed – a small house where served food and snacks during the weekend in my hometown -, she was one of the cooks and the responsible one for making bread. Everyone loved her bread! When the “restaurant” closed, it was still possible to see people during weekends looking and asking where that famous pão com chouriço was

When she passed away, my mother and aunt were – and still are! – the responsible to make bread in our family reunions. I must admit, they’re good and I like their bread, but it tastes different. Or maybe is just me, that misses my grandmother a lot.

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Chocolate Bolo Rei

Devaneios de Chocolate - Chocolate Bolo Rei.JPG

What is the best way to start December? I can give you the answer right away: it’s with some Chocolate Bolo Rei! You can read here the story behind the cake. It’s a Christmas cake and we Portuguese, as well as in my house, are used to have it during the Winter months.

As soon as you eat the first slice, you’ll crave for more and more. It’s so delicious and although very fulfilling, you just can’t have enough.

The funny thing is that I actually started to enjoy more Bolo Rei – I found a way to ignore the crystallized fruit, not big fan! -, so now I’m always looking forward to buy or do some at home, and eat as much as I can.

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Areias Brancas, The Most Famous Unknown Cake

Devaneios de Chocolate - Areias Brancas.JPG

Areias Brancas. We could literally translate this to “white sands”. The name of a traditional dessert from Areia Branca beach, in Lourinhã. Beautiful and peaceful place, perfect for surfing and of course, to eat some amazing delicacies 😉

A lady who was raised in a Nun Convent in Lisbon created this small almond pudding. She passed her recipe to the family as it survived to our days, after many generations. The recipe is still a secret and only the family knows it; for me, that is what it makes so special and even more delicious.

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Pastéis de Nata, The Most Famous Portuguese Delicacy In The World

Pastel de Nata - Devaneios de Chocolate.JPG

Pastel de Nata. No comment! Hummm. The name say it all.

For those who never heard about it, let me say, it is probably the most famous Portuguese delicacy in the world! You can read all the history here, where I’ve made a Pastel de Nata tart – with no puff pastry.

But since I’ve made some puff pastry lately, I’ve decided to do some original pastéis de nata for us – and no doubts, much better than the tart!

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