Fig Cake | Bolo de Figo

Summer is here and has been fantastic! Besides the warm weather and the beautiful sunny days, Summer for me means more than anything else, fruit! And the king of this season is without doubt the fig.

Waking up, grab my boys and go harvesting some figs, it is what makes me happy! With them, we make a little bit of everything – jams, cakes, cookies or eat them fresh as they are.

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Low-Fat Brownies | Brownies de Baixo Teor de Gordura

Devaneios de Chocolate - Low-fat Brownies.JPG

This year has been, so far, full of gluttony. I haven’t been that much cautious with what I eat and I’ve found difficult to reduce the sugar in my daily basis. These are still effects from Christmas and New Year excesses.

But I realized I could still eat and do what I love – to bake; I just have to adapt everything to my needs for this moment in particular… And eventually, everything will return to normal.

This is a “critical” time for me – I’m preparing myself for my first half-marathon at the moment. Yes, it’s true, I’m a runner, and yes, it’s possible to balance cakes and candies with running or any other regular physical activity! Both my mind and body have to grow stronger, so I have to be very careful with what I eat – meaning, no fat nor sugar! Of course, I’m allowed to “slip” once in a while – I’m not looking to be a top athlete!

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Honey & Sesame Biscotti | Biscotti de Mel & Sésamo

Biscotti de Mel e Sésamo - Devaneios de Chocolate.JPG

I re-visited Italy, again. I miss so much that country that every time I think about my trip, I’m more and more sure that Italy is, after Portugal, my favorite country.

I want to explore new places; this time, something more Natural… Let’s say, the coastline or even the mountains. Take my backpack, my camera and some biscotti on my pocket!

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Chila & Almond Cake | Bolo de Chila e Amêndoa

Devaneios de Chocolate - Bolo de Chila e Amêndoa.JPG

January has come and passed as fast as it only could; I barely had time to organize things and come here to wish you a great 2017. But I guess it is not too late to do that! 😉 So friends, foodies and bloggers from the entire World – happy 2017!

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