Strawberry Heaven | Delícia de Morango

It has been a while since the last recipe; I even don’t know where to start. The truth is I’ve been going through difficult times. My oven decided to take some permanent vacations in the worst time ever, and between other happenings and a lot of work, the blog has been a little bit forgotten.

Well, not forgotten… Let’s say, it’s only with a little bit of dust! As my mind is always rambling and wandering through food and sweets, recipes and gastronomic experiences…

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Chocolate Bolo Rei

Devaneios de Chocolate - Chocolate Bolo Rei.JPG

What is the best way to start December? I can give you the answer right away: it’s with some Chocolate Bolo Rei! You can read here the story behind the cake. It’s a Christmas cake and we Portuguese, as well as in my house, are used to have it during the Winter months.

As soon as you eat the first slice, you’ll crave for more and more. It’s so delicious and although very fulfilling, you just can’t have enough.

The funny thing is that I actually started to enjoy more Bolo Rei – I found a way to ignore the crystallized fruit, not big fan! -, so now I’m always looking forward to buy or do some at home, and eat as much as I can.

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Greek Fruits and Nuts Pastries | Bolos Gregos de Fruta e Nozes

Devaneios de Chocolate - Greek Fruits and Nuts Pastries.JPG

Last week I’ve visited Greece.

Well, not in the flesh but through gastronomy.

I found this recipe in my holy and beloved bible – The Chocolate & Coffee Bible -, and the description of this recipe says it was born in Greece, that they are “aromatic sweet pastry crescents known as Moshpoungia”.

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Pumpkin Bread with Walnuts | Pão de Abóbora com Nozes

Pumpkin Bread with Walnuts - Devaneios de Chocolate.JPG
Abril, águas mil
– Portuguese quote and it couldn’t be more right! It seems the rain has come to stay for a while, ruining completely my Spring walks and plans.

I decided to do something more comfortable and fulfilling for these colder days – bread. I really like to bake bread at home, but it is something that requires a lot of time and energy, and I admit it, that is the reason why I don’t do it so often.

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