Strawberry Heaven | Delícia de Morango

It has been a while since the last recipe; I even don’t know where to start. The truth is I’ve been going through difficult times. My oven decided to take some permanent vacations in the worst time ever, and between other happenings and a lot of work, the blog has been a little bit forgotten.

Well, not forgotten… Let’s say, it’s only with a little bit of dust! As my mind is always rambling and wandering through food and sweets, recipes and gastronomic experiences…

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Bright Sunday | Domingo Solarengo


Sundays are vital to me. After a hard week full of work and worries, Sunday is when I clean my mind and relax with my family, while I can.

Unfortunately, many people work at weekends and that’s hard. It seems that everyday is the same, and even if you have a day off in the middle of the week, it doesn’t feel the same as a free Sunday.

As a rule, I try to enjoy the most that I can, while I’m with my family. We lunch together and at the end we eat a dessert, certainly prepared by me.

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