Strawberry Heaven | Delícia de Morango

It has been a while since the last recipe; I even don’t know where to start. The truth is I’ve been going through difficult times. My oven decided to take some permanent vacations in the worst time ever, and between other happenings and a lot of work, the blog has been a little bit forgotten.

Well, not forgotten… Let’s say, it’s only with a little bit of dust! As my mind is always rambling and wandering through food and sweets, recipes and gastronomic experiences…

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An Ending Summer and Welcoming Fall Carob Pavlova | Pavlova de Alfarroba

Summer is officially closed. And although I really love Summer, the changes that come after it are also good.

I appreciate to wake up in the morning, open my window and feel a soft cold Fall breeze; I like those sunny Fall days, go out for a walk and see Nature changing gradually their colors.

Of course, some changes also occur here at home. Besides altering the clothes and shoes in the closet, the cooking and the baking in the kitchen are also different.

And it is almost like a Fall ritual: wake up, open the window, let the Autumn Sun come in to give my Good Morning M.!, make some coffee, sit at the table kitchen with my favorite cookbooks in front of me, open them and get inspired.

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Mango and Coffee Meringue | Merengue de Manga e Café


A minha mãe não entende porque faço bolos. Não entende mesmo. Ela já se esqueceu como costumava de cozinhar e fazer bolos todos os Domingos para a família, depois de uma longa semana de trabalho. Ela já se esqueceu o prazer que isso dava.

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