Strawberry Heaven | Delícia de Morango

It has been a while since the last recipe; I even don’t know where to start. The truth is I’ve been going through difficult times. My oven decided to take some permanent vacations in the worst time ever, and between other happenings and a lot of work, the blog has been a little bit forgotten.

Well, not forgotten… Let’s say, it’s only with a little bit of dust! As my mind is always rambling and wandering through food and sweets, recipes and gastronomic experiences…

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Figs with Honey Jam | Compota de Figos com Mel

If you remember, I’ve posted a recipe of my favorite and last homemade jam a few days ago – Plums with Cachaça Jam. It was a jammy day since I’ve made 3 different types of jams.

Another jam that I’ve made, also scrumptious, was figs jam with Algarve’s honey, both products typical from Algarve, Portugal.

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Plums with Cachaça Jam | Compota de Ameixa com Cachaça

1Figs with Honey Jam, Plums with Cachaça Jam, Pears with Honey Jam

At home we always had the habit of preserving everything that we had in excess – like fruit, for example. Instead of leaving food to rot, we can always preserve everything in a delicious way, saving them for other times when there are less things around to eat. And since food is a precious thing in life, we must be careful and do our only best to not waste anything.

The best way for me to preserve fruit is doing jams or compotes. I thought that was annoying doing it; I remember to look to my brother-in-law (who by the way, makes incredible jams) and thinking “Boooooring!”. Of course I changed my mind since the moment I started to produce my very homemade jams.

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Upside Down Plum Cake with Porto Wine | Bolo de Ameixa invertido com Vinho do Porto

What to do when the tree gives you too much fruit? You definitely don’t want to waste fruit, right? The best thing to do is jams or cakes.

My mother gave me plums – too many to eat in a row. So I’ve decided to set some aside in order to use in my baking. Don’t be surprised if in the next weeks I’ll only post plum recipes!

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