Fig & Chocolate Cake | Bolo de Figo e Chocolate

Figs, figos, figs… And the saga continues!

I’m bringing another fig cake, but this time also with chocolate. With so much work lately, I’ve been too busy to bake or try new things. This cakes are quit fast and easy to make. Sometimes that’s all I need after long day.

Sitting outside, surrounded with my flowers and veggies, a cup of coffee, a slice of a frui-ish cake… And peace.

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Fig Cake | Bolo de Figo

Summer is here and has been fantastic! Besides the warm weather and the beautiful sunny days, Summer for me means more than anything else, fruit! And the king of this season is without doubt the fig.

Waking up, grab my boys and go harvesting some figs, it is what makes me happy! With them, we make a little bit of everything – jams, cakes, cookies or eat them fresh as they are.

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Figs with Honey Jam | Compota de Figos com Mel

If you remember, I’ve posted a recipe of my favorite and last homemade jam a few days ago – Plums with Cachaça Jam. It was a jammy day since I’ve made 3 different types of jams.

Another jam that I’ve made, also scrumptious, was figs jam with Algarve’s honey, both products typical from Algarve, Portugal.

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