Chouriço Bread | Pão com Chouriço

My grandma's chouriço bread was the best. No one in the world could / can make such bread as her. I don't know if it was her hands, the way she kneaded or something else; the truth is, her chouriço bread was one of a kind. And I don't say this because my grandma's food is … Continue reading Chouriço Bread | Pão com Chouriço


Chicken & Pumpkin Pies | Empadas de Galinha e Abóbora

I always said I would include some recipes of my meals and Portuguese dishes besides all the pastry/baking recipes in my blog - although it will always be a baker blog and not a food blog per se. Today is that day. Today’s recipe was created for Lourinhã page and therefore I decided to share … Continue reading Chicken & Pumpkin Pies | Empadas de Galinha e Abóbora

Chouriço Muffins | Queques de Chouriço

Who ever tried Portuguese chouriço? And who likes it? ME! Chouriço, or, as for many is known, Portuguese sausage. The thing is that chouriço is not a sausage, neither in the taste nor in the look. It is an enchido, a pig’s innards filled with pig’s meat and pig’s fat, with lots of spices. Then, … Continue reading Chouriço Muffins | Queques de Chouriço