Sweet Potato and Pumpkin Seeds Biscotti | Biscotti de Batata Doce e Sementes de Abóbora

Home alone with the four leg companion, old roasted sweet potatoes that nobody wants to eat, fresh coffee and a beautiful end of a Fall afternoon inviting me to seat outside and see the sun coming down.

The only thing that must be done is to grab those old sweet potatoes and transform them in something new. You know how it is: we roast some potatoes and once in a while, there is one or two that nobody wants to eat because they have a strange and odd look, too many days or they aren’t that sweet at all…

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Cinnamon & Chocolate Roll | Caracóis de Canela e Chocolate

And Fall is here and finally I can breath. I love Fall; every change – the colors, the temperature, the light, the smell -, are fantastic. When I say this to someone, people look at me as I was crazy – don’t get me wrong; I love Summer but for me and for what I do, it is a very busy time.

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Portuguese Berliner | Bolas de Berlim

Olhá’ boliiiiiiinha…! 

If you hear this, somewhere in some beach of Portugal, go ahead; buy a Bola de Berlim. You won’t regret it!

And what is a Bola de Berlim, you ask? This is something very typical to find in every pastry/bakery in Portugal, and yet, Summer is the season where you see them more. I would love to know who was the first brilliant guy who decided to sell these beauties in the beach. The truth is, they really taste better when eaten by the sea.

Besides the experience of eating Bolas de Berlim in the beach, I would advise you to search them in other places too, as the ones sold in the beach can get over priced.

In other parts of the World, this delicacy is also known as (German) Berliner This version, is filled with a red (strawberry, raspberry, etc.) jam, while the Portuguese version is with a yellow cream – what we call creme pasteleiro.

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Fig & Chocolate Cake | Bolo de Figo e Chocolate

Figs, figos, figs… And the saga continues!

I’m bringing another fig cake, but this time also with chocolate. With so much work lately, I’ve been too busy to bake or try new things. This cakes are quit fast and easy to make. Sometimes that’s all I need after long day.

Sitting outside, surrounded with my flowers and veggies, a cup of coffee, a slice of a frui-ish cake… And peace.

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