If there is an animal truly faithful to Men, that is without doubt, the dog. The four legs partners are the most reliable friends and they’ve a lot of love and friendship to give, if they’re allowed to. In Portugal, there are some dog breeds with all those characteristics and much more, such as to […]

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Honey & Sesame Biscotti | Biscotti de Mel & Sésamo

Biscotti de Mel e Sésamo - Devaneios de Chocolate.JPG

I re-visited Italy, again. I miss so much that country that every time I think about my trip, I’m more and more sure that Italy is, after Portugal, my favorite country.

I want to explore new places; this time, something more Natural… Let’s say, the coastline or even the mountains. Take my backpack, my camera and some biscotti on my pocket!

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Chila & Almond Cake | Bolo de Chila e Amêndoa

Devaneios de Chocolate - Bolo de Chila e Amêndoa.JPG

January has come and passed as fast as it only could; I barely had time to organize things and come here to wish you a great 2017. But I guess it is not too late to do that! 😉 So friends, foodies and bloggers from the entire World – happy 2017!

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