We’ve all ate ratatouille in some point of our lives. And then you say “oh, but no, I’ve never ate such thing!”. Wrong. In one or another way, we all have. Ratatouille has a really fancy name and it’s a French classic in cuisine, but the truth is, it’s nothing more than a mixture of … Continue reading Ratatouille


Maaike’s GriekseRijstschotel | A receita de Maaike

One of the best things of working in Backyard Tours is to meet with new people every day. And when people share the same interests, that is the cherry on the top of the cake! That happened with Maaike from The Answer is Food. We were having a nice picnic after a beautiful day together … Continue reading Maaike’s GriekseRijstschotel | A receita de Maaike