Sweet D. Rodrigo! — Backyard Tours

With Christmas Day so close, it is time to start thinking about Christmas gifts. Personally, the best gift someone can give me is food. Yes, food! And if it is something related with baking or if it is something sweet… Oh my, even better! I’m a food enthusiast and have a really big sweet tooth […] … Continue reading Sweet D. Rodrigo! — Backyard Tours


Greek Fruits and Nuts Pastries | Bolos Gregos de Fruta e Nozes

Last week I’ve visited Greece. Well, not in the flesh but through gastronomy. I found this recipe in my holy and beloved bible - The Chocolate & Coffee Bible -, and the description of this recipe says it was born in Greece, that they are “aromatic sweet pastry crescents known as Moshpoungia”. I couldn’t find … Continue reading Greek Fruits and Nuts Pastries | Bolos Gregos de Fruta e Nozes

Valentine’s Cookies

Last year Valentine’s Day cookies. The day is getting close, so be sure you have everything prepared to surprise your beloved ones! 🙂 Valentine’s Day 2016 new recipe is coming, as soon I feel better! Stay tuned!

Devaneios de Chocolate


Oh, Valentine’s Day… I remember when I was a mysterious teenager, I despised this day. Especially during the classes, when students from other classes came to mine to give Valentine’s Cards from secret – or not so secret – admirers and lovers. I never got one, and as a teenager that was really hard.

Fortunately, I’ve grown up and left all that behind. It’s not important now, but I know that like me, there are lots of sad teenagers in the same situation. And it doesn’t mean that you are ugly or nobody likes you. Don’t worry, someday you will turn to be a fine and successful adult and then, you will pass through this day with some kind of joy. Until then, you will just have to wait and learn to ignore this day that sometimes can be very annoying.

Meanwhile, as a cool and exceptional teenager like you…

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