Pastéis de Nata, The Most Famous Portuguese Delicacy In The World

Pastel de Nata - Devaneios de Chocolate.JPG

Pastel de Nata. No comment! Hummm. The name say it all.

For those who never heard about it, let me say, it is probably the most famous Portuguese delicacy in the world! You can read all the history here, where I’ve made a Pastel de Nata tart – with no puff pastry.

But since I’ve made some puff pastry lately, I’ve decided to do some original pastéis de nata for us – and no doubts, much better than the tart!

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Pumpkin & Honey Pies | Tartes de Abóbora e Mel

Devaneios de Chocolate - Pumpkin & Honey Pies.JPG
This is the first recipe I didn’t actually bake for the blog; this recipe was created for another purpose and I must say, a good one!

I’ve already talked about my slight obsession about pumpkins and how it’s an important product in Lourinhã, my hometown. After all, Lourinhã and the West region of Portugal in general are the major producers of pumpkins in the country. Pumpkins are so significant that Lourinhã council even created a festival dedicated to it!

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Pastel de Nata Pie | Tarte de Pastel de Nata

Devaneios de Chocolate - Pastel de NataA butterfly from Aplica Agulhas e Bordados

I’m not the kind of girl to marry, but if I would, I would be marrying a Pastel de Nata. You must have heard about those, right? One of the most precious desserts of Portugal?

Pastel de Belém started to appear in the 19th Century, in Lisbon. The story tells that the monks in the Jerónimos Monastery (in Belém, Lisbon) created them and started to sell them to gather some money to maintain the monastery. At the time, Belém and Lisbon were two distinct areas, but these where so good that people from Lisbon went, on purpose to Belém to eat the so famous Pastel de Belém. They’ve become so famed, that every pastry and café started to bake them.

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Pumpkin Pie | Tarte de Abóbora

Pumpkin Pie - Devaneios de Chocolate
This week had too much ups and downs. More downs than everything else. It was raining like hell, and we weren’t capable of doing nothing outside. Because of that, I’ve been cooking, which is always a good alternative to spent the time.

The problem was, for two times, the pumpkin recipes I’ve created just went all wrong. And I really hate when it happens. It leaves me sad and angry with myself – unfortunately, the other beings that live with me got some of my rage too.

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