We’ve all ate ratatouille in some point of our lives. And then you say “oh, but no, I’ve never ate such thing!”. Wrong. In one or another way, we all have.

Ratatouille has a really fancy name and it’s a French classic in cuisine, but the truth is, it’s nothing more than a mixture of vegetables in a pan. And who has never prepared such thing? Arriving home, grap all the veggies in the fridge, cut them in pieces, throw them to a pan, season them and eat?

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Cinnamon & Chocolate Roll | Caracóis de Canela e Chocolate

And Fall is here and finally I can breath. I love Fall; every change – the colors, the temperature, the light, the smell -, are fantastic. When I say this to someone, people look at me as I was crazy – don’t get me wrong; I love Summer but for me and for what I do, it is a very busy time.

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Chila & Almond Cake | Bolo de Chila e Amêndoa

Devaneios de Chocolate - Bolo de Chila e Amêndoa.JPG

January has come and passed as fast as it only could; I barely had time to organize things and come here to wish you a great 2017. But I guess it is not too late to do that! 😉 So friends, foodies and bloggers from the entire World – happy 2017!

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Fried Pumpkin | Abóbora Frita

Devaneios de Chocolate - Abóbora Frita , Fried Pumpkin.JPG
Just passing by to leave you an easy recipe I’ve made lately.

Summer has officially said goodbye but the weather has still been awesome! I love the fact of having a warm and sunny Fall. I can see the leaves falling, the brown color taking place and feel the cold breeze in the air by the evening, but still feeling the good stuff that Summer left behind – the heat during day, the Sun, the perfect blue sky…

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