Midnight Cookies | Bolachas da Meia-Noite

It was early October. It was raining cats and dogs. The window was open. It was dark. It was almost midnight. M. was alone at home. She was watching a poor and pathetic horror movie. A big lightning flash entered the living room and reveals a horrifying shadow at the window. M. screams. But what’s … Continue reading Midnight Cookies | Bolachas da Meia-Noite


Broas and Pão-por-Deus!

"Oh tia, dá Pão-por-Deus? Se não tem, Dê-lho Deus!". In November 1st, me and my cousin M., and sometimes another kids who lived around, screamed this loud and clearly at people's doors, so the oldest could hear us and give us some treats. That is Pão-por-Deus, a portuguese tradition, celebrated in November 1st, known as … Continue reading Broas and Pão-por-Deus!