Fig & Chocolate Cake | Bolo de Figo e Chocolate

Figs, figos, figs… And the saga continues!

I’m bringing another fig cake, but this time also with chocolate. With so much work lately, I’ve been too busy to bake or try new things. This cakes are quit fast and easy to make. Sometimes that’s all I need after long day.

Sitting outside, surrounded with my flowers and veggies, a cup of coffee, a slice of a frui-ish cake… And peace.

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Fig Cake | Bolo de Figo

Summer is here and has been fantastic! Besides the warm weather and the beautiful sunny days, Summer for me means more than anything else, fruit! And the king of this season is without doubt the fig.

Waking up, grab my boys and go harvesting some figs, it is what makes me happy! With them, we make a little bit of everything – jams, cakes, cookies or eat them fresh as they are.

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Strawberry Heaven | Delícia de Morango

It has been a while since the last recipe; I even don’t know where to start. The truth is I’ve been going through difficult times. My oven decided to take some permanent vacations in the worst time ever, and between other happenings and a lot of work, the blog has been a little bit forgotten.

Well, not forgotten… Let’s say, it’s only with a little bit of dust! As my mind is always rambling and wandering through food and sweets, recipes and gastronomic experiences…

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Chocolate & Banana Muffins | Queques de Chocolate & Banana

Devaneios de Chocolate - Chocolate & Banana Muffins.JPG

Summer is finally here. Greetings to the Sun! To barbeques, eating outside and to beautiful days!

In my free days, when I don’t have plans with Backyard Tours – by the way, have you been checking their last adventures? 😉 -, I like to wake up early, do some exercise and then have a calm and good breakfast. Sometimes just coffee with some toasts are ok, but there are those days when you want more and when the urge to mess the kitchen to bake is too high.

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