Traditions to keep | Tradições


The official first post of 2016, wo uh! 😀

Hope you’re ok and excited as I am to start this New Year. In my last post, I forgot to tell something really important, and that is: thank you! All of you. And all the people I met last year. I’m really grateful and I’m happy to have you in my life.

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Bright Sunday | Domingo Solarengo


Sundays are vital to me. After a hard week full of work and worries, Sunday is when I clean my mind and relax with my family, while I can.

Unfortunately, many people work at weekends and that’s hard. It seems that everyday is the same, and even if you have a day off in the middle of the week, it doesn’t feel the same as a free Sunday.

As a rule, I try to enjoy the most that I can, while I’m with my family. We lunch together and at the end we eat a dessert, certainly prepared by me.

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“Put that cookie down. NOW!”


Every year, my mother and I have the tradition to make cookies for Christmas. Usually, we start to make them after lunch, so we could enjoy a really cozy afternoon, in my mom’s kitchen, with its big windows, letting the sun come in – when it is not raining and grey -, with the television on stupid shows, and the Christmas tree on the background with its Christmas lights on.

We like to bake these cookies for the family and relatives, which is why we enjoy the moment so much. Everybody likes to eat them. They are not the best cookies in the world, but they are the best cookies to eat in a cold afternoon, with some tea or hot cocoa.

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Apples time! | Hora de Maçãs!


When we lived in Germany, my mom used to bake some fruit cakes in Winter. I don’t remember eat them, since I only would eat chocolate. But I remember her pineapple upside-down cake as well as other cakes with apples.

I can’t tell you much about my living in this singular country, given that I was very young, but I know today, that Germany gastronomy is very particular. At home, most of the times, my mother, used to cook our Portuguese traditional plates and deserts, instead of German’s.

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