Easter Folar | Folar da Páscoa

Easter, a time for family and tradition. And for those who believe in something, time for introspection and peace.

It is a Catholic Portuguese festivity, and just like Christmas, Easter is still very connected with religion – the practice to go to Easter Sunday Mass with family, getting home and having a banquet waiting, a lot of sweets and some presents for the youngest, it still is, fortunately, something very natural to witness nowadays.

Commonly it is served meat at meals at Easter Day since during Lent time, meat was cut down or even not eaten at all – after all, it is time for purification and renounce. Traditionally it is served lamb, but also rabbit or pork.

As for the sweets, well, there’s no need to say that is my department! Besides the traditional like rice pudding – it’s mandatory! -, the almonds – every kind, shape and color! -, and lots of chocolates and cakes… Oh my, the cakes! Cakes of all size and shapes, with egg threads, dry cookies, festive cakes, cakes, cakes, cakes…

The most typical is without doubt the folar. It is considered the “bread” of Easter; made with water, salt, eggs and flour. There are two kinds – the savory and sweet folares, as the sweet version is the most common for sure!

Devaneios de Chocolate - Folar de Páscoa.JPG

As many others, this cake has a story behind its creation too. In a short version, there was a beautiful young lady who wanted to marry, Continue reading “Easter Folar | Folar da Páscoa”


Almond & Cinnamon Slices | Fatias de Amêndoa e Canela

Devaneios de Chocolate - Almond & Cinnamon Slices.JPG
After a small Easter break, I’m back for a new season. Hope you had the most fantastic Easter – mine was crazy! So much fun these last weeks, and so much to do!

The weather is finally allowing us to go out more often, take advantage of the sunny days and naturally, work! Backyard Tours are already out there and you might see them, with their only good mood and vibes, taking some nice people for nice walks! 😉

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