Chocolate Buttons | Botões de Chocolate

chocolatebuttons.JPGButtons. Buttons everywhere.

If you like buttons like me, you will have one of those cookies metal boxes full of them. Since little, I’ve been collecting them.

Don’t know why exactly, but I can find in a button a relaxing feeling. I like their different textures and play with them in my hands. It’s funny to think that in ancient times they were symbols of authority and status. Nowadays, they are simply an object to adorn clothes.

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Cookies for Santa | Bolachas para o Pai Natal

Cookies for Santa. Devaneios de Chocolate.JPG

For: Santa and Rodolph, the Reindeer

With the holidays at the corner, many people are entering in a desperate mode without knowing what to do during children’s Christmas vacations.

I must say that this time of the year is just perfect for children and to do activities with them; it’s Christmas my friends, and which is the child that doesn’t love Christmas?

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Midnight Cookies | Bolachas da Meia-Noite

Devaneios de Chocolate. Chocolate cookiesIt was early October. It was raining cats and dogs. The window was open. It was dark. It was almost midnight.

M. was alone at home. She was watching a poor and pathetic horror movie. A big lightning flash entered the living room and reveals a horrifying shadow at the window. M. screams. But what’s the point? She was all alone and no one could help her escaping from a painful death.

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To Eat or Not To Eat the Cookie. That is the Question! | Comer ou não Comer a Bolacha. Eis a questão!


It was raining and I was thinking: what could I do to cheer me up in a sad Sunday? Well, the answer it’s easy my fellows – and it doesn’t apply only to Sunday, but to every sad day that you may have. Cookies are the answer.

I like cookies since I was a kid. Any kind or variety of cookies. They just make my day.

My mother used to give us cookies for our lunch when we were at the beach. I and my cousin used to eat them under the beach umbrella, sometimes with an extra topping of sand.

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