Christmas Cake, Bolo Rei

Merry Christmas, Happy New Year! Oh my, I know I'm late - Christmas has gone and the New Year is already very ahead. But I think it is never too late to wish you all a Fulfilling and a Big Year! 🙂 I hope your festivities were good, with your beloved ones; and above all, … Continue reading Christmas Cake, Bolo Rei


On Backyard Tours blog, Day of Portugal

Photography: Backyard Tours Did you know that today we are celebrating the Day of Portugal? Our last post was also a about a celebration – April 25th -, and the truth is, the day of today is somehow related with the Carnation Revolution. But June 10 is not only the Day of Portugal, but also […] … Continue reading On Backyard Tours blog, Day of Portugal

On Backyard Tours blog, April 25th 1974 An important date is coming closer for the Portuguese people – April 25th, Dia da Liberdade (Freedom Day). It is of the most importance and still very recent. Let us tell you why… Before 1974, Portugal was in a fascist regime, the Estado Novo (“New State”), under the Minister President, António de Oliveira Salazar … Continue reading On Backyard Tours blog, April 25th 1974

On Backyard Tours blog, A Very Sweet Post!

Backyard Tours - Bolo de Mel, Monchique.JPG
A recipe that I’ve done in Backyard Tours. In my opinion, the perfect way to start April! 😉

Backyard Tours

Backyard Tours - Bolo de Mel, Monchique.JPG

For those who know a little bit about Portugal, certainly know that the gastronomy is one of our fortes.

It is tremendously rich from North to South; inland, where the stews and broths are typical, or in the coastline, where the fish and shellfish are kings and the freshest there is. Not to mention the desserts, simply divine!

In the Algarve, most of the sweets are made with almonds, carob and honey, since the region is known for the production of those same ingredients.

And today, we decided to bring you a recipe typical from Monchique, the mountain side and limits of the Algarve.

Monchique, among many things, is known for the fantastic and delicious honey. There isn’t a place where you can find a more pure, golden and marvelous honey than the one from Monchique.

Hope you enjoy it as much as we do, and don’t forget, if you…

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