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Who am I? Well, to start I can tell who I was.

Since little I love food, especially sweets – guilty pleasure, chocolate! – and fortunately I was lucky to have the best cook at home – my mother. By no means I felt the need to learn or be better in the kitchen and that is why I was never a good cook or baker, although my mother has tried plenty of times to teach me.

But even with all the chocolate in my life, something was missing. And to try to fill that void, I decided to create a blog and write. That idea has been hanging in my mind for a long time awaiting for the decision of what to write about.

Until one day I saw that book on the shelf in the grocery store. It was a small recipe book only with cookies recipes, with beautiful and mouthwatering pictures. I bought the book, arrived home and right away tried one or two recipes. In that moment, I’ve realized what was missing.

I learnt that baking and being in the kitchen is fun after all. The possible combinations of tastes, textures and colors are infinitive and I want to try them all. Besides, I still can eat all the chocolate I want but in a better way!

I truly became to love what I do and discovered where I’m actually good at. Like everything else, a person has some ups and downs, but now that I know I’m happy baking and cooking, I will try to improve, learn more, try more and eat more.

So, who am I? Well, I’m M., the baker and as the name of my blog suggests, I love chocolate and I love baking. It is my dream and someday I would like to see Devaneios de Chocolate jump from the web into the real life!

Quem sou eu? Bem, para começar posso dizer-vos quem eu era.

Desde pequena que gosto de comida, especialmente doces – chocolate, a  minha perdição! -, e felizmente que tive a sorte de ter a melhor cozinheira em casa – a minha mãe. Daí que nunca tenha sentido a necessidade de aprender ou melhorar a minha técnica na cozinha, embora a minha mãe tenha tentado inúmeras vezes.

Mas mesmo com o todo o chocolate do mundo, algo faltava-me. E para tentar preencher esse vazio, decidi criar um blogue e escrever. Essa ideia ficou a pairar na minha cabeça durante bastante tempo, até decidir sobre o que escrever.

Até que um dia eu vi aquele livro na prateleira da loja. Era um pequeno livro de receitas só de bolachas, com fotografias muito bonitas e bem apetitosas. Comprei o livro, cheguei a casa e de imediato fiz uma ou duas receitas. Naquele momento, apercebi-me o que faltava…

Aprendi que afinal fazer bolos, estar na cozinha é divertido. As possíveis combinações de sabores, texturas e cores são infinitas e eu quero experimentá-las a todas. Para além de que posso continuar a comer todo o chocolate que quero, só que numa maneira bem melhor!

Gosto mesmo daquilo que faço. Como tudo o resto, uma pessoa tem os seus altos e baixos mas agora que sei que sou feliz na cozinha, só procurarei em melhorar, aprender, experimentar e comer mais.

Portanto, quem sou eu? Sou a M., a pasteleira e como o nome do blogue sugere, adoro chocolate e adoro estar na cozinha. O meu sonho é ver o meu blogue saltar da internet para a realidade!


11 thoughts on “M., The Baker | Quem Sou

    1. Yay! 😀 I’m also very glad you found me; so far, I’m just lovin’ your blog! It’s just deliciously funny (and mouth-watering)!
      Where did you spend your vacations in Portugal?
      I’m looking forward to know and read more about your baking/cooking adventures – including non Portuguese ones.
      Até breve! 😉

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      1. I used to vacation around Aveiro! My mother’s side is from around that area. My dad is kinda closer to Coimbra but also Aveiro since he’s in between them. 😋

        You currently live in Portugal, if I understand? 😊

        Hehe and thank you!! I’m glad I can make you laugh! I actually wasn’t sure your blog was really Portuguese until I really paid attention to the title. I was like “wait isn’t that a Portuguese word??” 😂

        Liked by 1 person

      2. Aveiro and Coimbra are, both places, very beautiful! 😀 You’re very lucky!
        And yes, I live in Portugal since little – I just write my blog in English to improve my writing (and speaking) skill. I’m from a region called Lourinhã, but currently I’m living and working in the Algarve – paradise!
        I’m really looking forward to try some of your recipes and share our Portuguese heritage! 😉

        Liked by 1 person

      3. I’ve never been to Algarve! I’d love to go one day! 🙂 Let me tell you, while I might be fluent in speaking and reading in Portuguese, your English writing FAR surpasses my Portuguese writing. Seriously, that’s so awesome!!

        Looking forward to us sharing lots! 😀

        Liked by 1 person

      4. You must come, really! You will enjoy it certainly! 🙂
        And yes, we will share a lot I’m sure!
        PS: Portugal won yesterday the football European Championship 2016, wo uh! 😀


  1. I hope that happens, too. Being a children’s book author, I probably would not have broadened my blogging interests into the food category. i can tend to be a bit focused on A Berkshire Tale right now. But, thanks to Blogging 101, I’ve found this site and it is truly wonderful. Right now it’s 7AM here in Rhode Island and your recipes and pictures have me yearning for cake for breakfast!

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