Crystallized Orange with Chocolate | Laranja Cristalizada com Chocolate

Crystalized Orange with Milk Chocolate - Devaneios de Chocolate.JPG

The only time of the year I can eat crystallized fruit is during Christmas/New Year when we have Bolo Rei around the house.

And since I only eat it that way, it never made sense to me to eat crystallized fruits in other occasions.

 Needless to say, I changed that. It’s not that difficult to crystallize fruit and it’s perfect for a snack; they’re so tiny, you can take it with you everywhere in a small tupperware.

The fruit I choose was orange; it’s fresh and they’re tasty. And it seems the orange peel has also some health benefits: it helps regulate the digestive system by removing gases, heartburn and nauseas; it equilibrates the appetite too.  It helps with the asthma and reduces significantly the cough.

Besides all that, the natural oil present in the orange peel is used for beauty treatments; it’s perfect for oily skins, leaving the skin smooth and soft.

Crystalized Fruit with Chocolate - Devaneios de Chocolate.JPG

2 Oranges with fat and thick peel | laranjas com uma casca grossa
150 g of sugar + 70 g sugar | açúcar
150 ml of water | água
60 g of milk chocolate

Cut the oranges and remove the pulp. Cut each peel in triangles – or in any other shape -, leaving it with at least 1 cm of thickness.
Descasque as laranjas. Corte as cascas em triângulos – ou noutra forma -, deixando pelo menos 1 cm de espessura.

Put the peels in a pan and cover it with water. Let it boil; drain the water and cover the peels with cold water. Let it boil again.
Coloque as cascas numa panela e tape com água. Deixe ferver, escorra a água e acrescente novamente água fria. Deixe ferver novamente.

Repeat this process 3 more times.
Repita este processo mais 3 vezes.

In another pan, add the 150 g of sugar with the 150 ml of water. Heat and stir the sugar until it is dissolved. Add the orange peels; let it boil until the syrup starts to dissolve and the peels are soften – don’t forget to stir occasionally. Let it cool.
Noutra panela, adicione o açúcar e a água. Aqueça e mexa até o açúcar se dissolver. Adicione as cascas de laranja; deixe ferver até que a água comece a evaporar e as cascas fiquem moles – não se esqueça de mexer de vez em quando. Deixe arrefecer.

Place the other 70 g of sugar in a plate. Drain the orange peels well and cover both sides with the sugar. Leave it to rest in a cooling rack for about 12 hours or during the night.
Num prato, disponha os 70 gramas de açúcar. Escorra as cascas e enrole no açúcar nos dois lados. Deixe a secar numa rede para bolos durante 12 horas ou durante a noite.

Melt the chocolate and dip the crystallized oranges in it. Leave it to cool in a cold place for about 2 or 3 hours before serving it.
Derreta o chocolate e mergulhe as cascas cristalizadas. Deixe secar 2 a 3 horas antes de servir.

Crystalized Orange with Milk Chocolate - Devaneios de Chocolate Blog.JPG

Unnecessary to say that orange – chocolate mixture of flavors are still my favorite!

A única altura em que consigo comer fruta cristalizada é no Natal/Ano Novo, quando existe Bolo Rei por casa. E já que é a única maneira que consigo comer, não faz sentido comer noutras ocasiões.

Claro que tive que mudar isso. Não é muito difícil cristalizar fruta e é perfeito para comer como snack; são tão pequenos que podem ser transportados num pequeno recipiente.

A fruta que escolhi para cristalizara foi a laranja; é fresca e saborosa. E também parece que a casca de laranja tem alguns benefícios para a saúde: ajuda a regular o sistema digestivo, azia e náuseas; também equilibra o apetite. Ajuda na asma e reduz significativamente a tosse.   

Para além disto, o óleo natural presente na casca de laranja é usado para tratamentos de beleza, sendo perfeito para peles oleosas, deixando a pele macia e fofinha.

Continuo a dizer que a mistura laranja – chocolate é a minha favorita!


Author: M.

I’m M., the baker. Mid 20’s, tourist guide by day, chocoholic and foodie by night. I love food and everything related to it. I decided to create this blog after discovering that I love being in the kitchen, get my hands dirty and create delicious meals and desserts. Once in a while and randomly I will post other things that I enjoy in life and makes me happy, but in the end, everything will lead us to food! :)

2 thoughts on “Crystallized Orange with Chocolate | Laranja Cristalizada com Chocolate”

  1. D read the recipe and looked at the photos and said “She’s good.” He is a fool for candied fruit, so this was an exciting post for him. Now he’s preparing to make another of your famous orange cakes!

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    1. Comments like this one make me so happy! Thank you C. and D., for your nicest words and for keep doing my recipes at home 😉 It means a lot! Big kiss for both of you!


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