We are the World

Let’s help Nature and starting to respect it. After all, it is our home!

Backyard Tours

Backyard Tours - Cleaning the Beach1Last week, not having that much to do because we reached the end of the touristic season here, we decided to do something useful with our free time.

After seeing so much trash throughout the year during the tours, ruining the landscape and destroying Nature, it isn’t that difficult to start gathering things along our walks.
Backyard Tours - Cleaning the Beach2

Backyard Tours - Cleaning the Beach3This is something that we sometimes do but we never recorded before. Now that we have friends all over the world, we can finally send the message so much further, and try to change mentalities and behaviors all over the world.

Backyard Tours - Cleaning the Beach4

Backyard Tours - Cleaning the Beach5And the message is easy and clear: never leave your waste behind! Always bring it with you, whether you are at the beach, in a forest, in a park or even in the city. It really doesn’t matter where you are.
Backyard Tours - Cleaning the Beach6Backyard Tours - Cleaning the Beach7You would be surprised with the things we found along the way…

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2 thoughts on “We are the World

    1. That’s true and very sad to see. Everytime I go to the beach for a walk, I see so much trash that I certainly come back with two or three rubbish in my hands and pockets to leave it later on the garbage.

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