Pumpkin Pie | Tarte de Abóbora

Pumpkin Pie - Devaneios de Chocolate
This week had too much ups and downs. More downs than everything else. It was raining like hell, and we weren’t capable of doing nothing outside. Because of that, I’ve been cooking, which is always a good alternative to spent the time.

The problem was, for two times, the pumpkin recipes I’ve created just went all wrong. And I really hate when it happens. It leaves me sad and angry with myself – unfortunately, the other beings that live with me got some of my rage too.

Nevertheless, it is for all times a lesson. We must learn not just with our winnings but also with our failures. Even if is to learn how to be humble.

In all my failures of this week, one went fine, but not exactly like I predicted. Pumpkin pie, since we are in the pumpkin season and it’s all about pumpkin everyday – did I tell you before that I’m just a little bit obsessed with pumpkins?

To assemble you need:

200 g of flour | farinha
A pinch of salt | uma pitada de sal
80 g of butter | manteiga
2 tablespoons of milk | colheres de sopa de leite
2 tablespoons of cold water | colheres de sopa de água fria
Lemon zest | raspa de limão
300 g of pumpkin pulp | puré de abóbora
4 tablespoons of honey | colheres de sopa de mel
200 ml of heavy cream | natas
Nuts | nozes

First, prepare the dough. Mix the flour with the salt and the lemon zest.
Prepare a massa. Misture a farinha com o sal e a raspa de limão.

Add the butter cut in small pieces and mix to the flour with your fingers – leave some butter pieces of the size of pies.
Adicione a manteiga cortada aos pedaços e misture com os dedos.

Blend the milk with the water and add it to the flour. The flour must be lightly humid and not gooey.
Misture o leite e a água e adicione à farinha. A massa deve ficar ligeiramente húmida mas não pegajosa.

Wrap the dough in aluminum sheet and leave it on the freezer for 30 minutes to 1 hour.
Embrulhe em película aderente e leve ao frio cerca de 30 minutos a 1 hora.

Devaneios de Chocolate - Pumpkin Pie Dough
Unwrap it and roll out the dough – leave 3 mm of thickness. Place the dough in a greased tart tin and stick the bottom with a fork. Cook it (200º C) for 7 minutes.
Estique a massa – 3 mm de espessura. Coloque a massa numa tarteira e pique o fundo com um garfo. Leve ao forno (200º C) durante 7 minutos.

For the filling, cook the pumpkin in boiling water and reduce it to a pulp. Mix the rest of the ingredients: chopped nuts, honey and heavy cream. Fill the pie and take it again to the oven (reduce the temperature for 180ºC) and cook it for about 40 minutes.
Para o recheio, coza a abóbora e reduza a puré. Misture com os restantes ingredientes: nozes picadas, mel e natas. Encha a tarte e leve novamente ao forno (reduza a temperatura para 180º C) e deixe cozinhar cerca de 40 minutos.

Devaneios de Chocolate - Pumpkin Quiche
And there it is, pumpkin pie to lift up my mood. My expectations weren’t so high after so many disasters, but after tasting it, it surprised me since actually it is a really good pie.

For this week, let the saga continue. I already have some cooking/baking plans, so let’s see how it goes. But I guess I will pass the pumpkin for now.

Esta semana foi cheia de altos e baixos. Mais “baixos” que outra coisa. Foi realmente um pesadelo e como o tempo também não tem ajudado muito, tenho dispendido muito do meu tempo na cozinha.

O que também não correu muito bem, já que por duas receitas de abóbora que fiz, correram mal e eu fico mal-humurada e triste e os seres vivos que vivem comigo é que sofrem, pobres coitados. Ainda assim, não deixa de ser uma lição. Aprendemos sempre qualquer coisa com os nossos desastres e falhanços. Nem que seja aprender a ser um pouco mais humilde.

De todas os meus desastres culinários, um saiu bem – mais ou menos. Não saiu como eu queria, pelo menos. Esta tarte de abóbora, já que estamos na época dela e é tudo acerca de abóbora agora – penso que já tenha dito que sou um pouco obcecada por abóboras?


5 thoughts on “Pumpkin Pie | Tarte de Abóbora

  1. Saying that Pumpkin pie is one of my favorites, is an understatement. I make at least four every dinner party I go to.

    The best pumpkins for pie are sugar pumpkins. I bake my pumpkin meat instead of boiling it. It keeps the moisture down.

    I don’t use as much spice as most people, but I have never had it spiceless.

    I also use maple syrup instead of honey. Im going to try the honey though.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I’m going to try next time your advice about baking the pumpkin instead of boiling it.
      I don’t like to use spices with pumpkin. And I guess sometimes I don’t like other people’s pumpkin pies because of that – people sometimes use too much spices!
      I’ll try the syrup too 😉 I didn’t thought about it, but I guess it is because I run out of syrup (doh!). Do you have some especial pumpkin pie recipe of yours you want to share with me?


      1. other than not too much spices, try some though like fresh nutmeg. the cinnamon and all spice is not necessary in my opinion, and nutmeg goes with just about everything! I feel that the “pumpkin pie spice” is way too much.

        Peel the pumpkin after baking, it will retain more sugars too. and mash the smithereens out of the meat.

        Consider it a pumpkin custard. Kind of like a slip custard pie, kind of…

        I talk and sing to mine, I am convinced that’s why they turn out so darn good!

        Liked by 1 person

      2. You’re absolutely right, nutmeg is just fine! I don’t know why I didn’t remembered it. But I will definitely try in the next time!
        Ahah, I’m imagining you singing while baking! 🙂 But it seem to work, so keep doing it! I’m not a good singer, so I guess I’ll pass the singing part!

        Liked by 1 person

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