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Today I won’t bring you a recipe; today’s post, I’ll talk about Blogging PT, a website to connect Portuguese bloggers.

To own a blog and blogging in Portugal has been increasing in the last few years, and many Portuguese blogs are starting to be internationally distinguished. Fortunately, there’s a lot of websites and forums that help and connect bloggers around the world.

Blogging PT is one of them: it is a major help for bloggers who want to enhance their audience. The main purpose of this website is to approach people who own a blog with people who want to read a specific one.

There’s a list of blogs for everyone’s taste: blogs about beauty, décor & DIY, sports, lifestyle, technology and cooking, which is where I’ll be soon – you can see the categories here and find me and other cooking blogs here.

If you have a blog or even a friend that owns one, and want to appear in the list, you can always share the website or contact and speak with the nice people who work in Blogging PT through the email

Visit their website, their twitter and also their facebook page.

By helping them, we are also helping all the bloggers. It is all about connecting people 🙂

Hoje não trago uma receita; hoje vou falar-vos acerca do Blogging PT, uma plataforma que conecta todos os bloggers Portugueses.

Tem-se tornado um sucesso em Portugal, ter e escrever um blogue, e muitos Portugueses estão a começar a ganhar asas no estrangeiro. Felizmente, existem muitos sites e fóruns que ajudam os bloggers, partilhando os seus trabalhos.

Blogging PT é um desses sites. O objectivo principal é aproximar pessoas que tenham blogues das outras que procuram blogues. Existe uma lista para os gostos de toda a gente: blogues sobre moda e beleza, decoração e projecto DIY, desporto, tecnologia e cozinha, onde eu vou estar também muito em breve.

Se tens um blogue ou um amigo que tenha, e pretende aumentar o seu tráfego e conectar-se com outros blogues, podes sempre visitar o site ou falar directamente com as pessoas simpáticas que trabalham no Blogging PT através do email

O website, também têm twitter e facebook.


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  1. Sounds a great idea and will look it up.


  2. Thank you, M. I will connect, but I’ll make sure they don’t label me a “Cooking/Food” Blog. Not my forte.

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