Orange Cake Without Eggs | Bolo de Laranja sem Ovos

1. Devaneios de Chocolate - Orange Cake without Eggs
Working in the project BackyardTours – Finding Algarve and be responsible for the food that is provide in each and every tour, I have to be sure that people don’t have any kind of health problems and food allergies.

Having a person allergic to gluten in my family and all, trained me to be careful with everything. Some how that made me more knowledgeable and gives me the opportunities to create new recipes since, sometimes, I have to substitute ingredients and do something special and edible.

And like my relative, I encounter in my everyday job many people with similar problems.

The big challenge so far was baking something without eggs nor milk. A good baker should always know how to substitute ingredients and mix things in order to achive a certain caractheristic in a dessert. So, not using eggs and knowing how to substitute them is also a huge tool, which fortunately, I know how.

2. Devaneios de Chocolate - Orange Cake without Eggs
For whom has a notion about Portuguese desserts, will know why this was a challenge for me – plenty of sugar and eggs! We only supply Portuguese food and products in our tours, and even if exists some traditional desserts without eggs, none was suitable in this particular case.

I’ve tried to make something like an orange pão-de-ló – you can always see the original recipe here -, but without the eggs. And it goes like this:

2 Big oranges juice and zest | sumo e raspa de laranjas grandes
200 g of white sugar | açúcar branco
200 g of flour | farinha
1 Tablespoon of baking powder | colher de sopa de fermento em pó
A pinch of salt | pitada de sal
Honey to pour over the cake – again, I used Algarve honey. The best! | mel do Algarve para cobertura

Very easy and simple: whisk all ingredients into a nice and smooth dough.
Muito fácil e simples: misturar e bater todos os ingredientes até obter uma massa fofa.

Take the cake to the oven (180º C) for about 40 minutes.
Levar o bolo ao forno a 180º C durante 40 minutos.

Pour honey over the cake while still warm. The cake will soak the honey and turn into a fluffy and light cake.
Verter mel sobre o bolo enquanto quente. O bolo irá absorver o mel e torná-lo muito leve e fofo.

3. Devaneios de Chocolate - Orange cake without eggsReady to go!

And challenge accomplished!

The best part of all, everyone liked and repeated, having more than one slice! 🙂

How often do you bake without eggs? And what do you do to substitute them?

Trabalhando no projecto BackyardTours – Finding Algarve e ser responsável pela comida, tenho que ter sempre a certeza que as pessoas não tenham qualquer tipo de alergia alimentar ou outras doenças.

Tendo uma pessoa alérgica ao glúten na família, treinou-me a ser cuidadosa com tudo. De alguma forma, deu-me mais conhecimentos e oportunidades de criar receitas diferentes, já que muitas vezes tenho que substituir ingredientes de modo a tornar tudo especial.

E como o meu familiar, encontro todos os dias no trabalho, pessoas com problemas semelhantes. O grande desafio até agora foi fazer uma sobremesa sem ovos e leite. Um bom pasteleiro deve sempre saber que ingredientes usar para substituir. Portanto, não usando ovos e saber o que usar é uma grande ajuda, e felizmente, eu sei como.

Sendo que só oferecemos produtos e pequenos petiscos de origem Portuguesa e para quem sabe como são as sobremesas Portuguesas sabe que isto foi um desafio já que as sobremesas usam uma grande quantidade de açúcar e ovos.

Tentei fazer algo como o meu pão-de-ló de laranja mas sem ovos. E missão cumprida!

A melhor parte disto tudo foi que realmente gostaram e repetiram mais que uma vez!


4 thoughts on “Orange Cake Without Eggs | Bolo de Laranja sem Ovos

  1. Great.We just had some vegan friends to stay and learnt how to bake without eggs. Sometimes soya flour can be used in a paste to bind. This time it was a yeast mix and we ate homegrown pears in a pear cake and with controlled sugar amount and olive oil for the fat.

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    1. That’s great 😉 vegan recipes are very interesting, and it’s amazing the fact that we have to learn how to control every single thing.
      You pear cake seems really tasty 😉

      Liked by 1 person

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