Plums with Cachaça Jam | Compota de Ameixa com Cachaça

1Figs with Honey Jam, Plums with Cachaça Jam, Pears with Honey Jam

At home we always had the habit of preserving everything that we had in excess – like fruit, for example. Instead of leaving food to rot, we can always preserve everything in a delicious way, saving them for other times when there are less things around to eat. And since food is a precious thing in life, we must be careful and do our only best to not waste anything.

The best way for me to preserve fruit is doing jams or compotes. I thought that was annoying doing it; I remember to look to my brother-in-law (who by the way, makes incredible jams) and thinking “Boooooring!”. Of course I changed my mind since the moment I started to produce my very homemade jams.

The first I’ve made was last year – you can always see it here – and it was a success. I offered jars with beautiful decorative bows to all my family for Christmas. My brother loves jams and he opened his jar right away and ate it with crackers and cheese, like he always do; my aunt ate her by spoon, like it was a yogurt or something; my mom kept her jars to ate it slowly and to endure…

For this Christmas I have something different in mind to give to my family. Yet, before Christmas we have the Pão-por-Deus  and Haloween to reunite all family, seat at the table and eat. And for that, I already have some jams prepared for those occasions waiting in my pantry, ready to be opened and to be shared with all.

I’ve made three types of jams – too much fruit at home -, and today I’m going to share my favorite one: plums with Cachaça jam. I love the color, the smell and the taste, oh my God… Just addictive! This jam was the jam that took most time to do of all three, but still, is worth it since is so yummy.

I’ve only made jam enough for a jar of 375 grams, but you can always reduce or raise the recipe. So, here it goes:

(Makes 375 g – Faz cerca de 375 gr)

5 Ripe plums | ameixas bem maduras
½ Lemon juice | sumo de limão
150 g of white sugar | açúcar branco
2 Tablespoons of Cachaça (you can always use rum or firewater. Cachaça is the Brazilian firewater made out of sugar cane) | colheres de sopa de cachaça

In a pan, set all the ingredients – the plums must be cut in small pieces – and heat them.  When it starts to boil, reduce the heat and let it cook slowly.
Num tacho, coloque todos os ingredientes – as ameixas devem estar cortadas em pequenos pedaços e sem caço. Quando começar a ferver, baixar o lume e deixar cozinhar lentamente.

Now, in this part, you can always leave the small pieces of plums – like I did – or you can smash them.
Aqui podem sempre deixar alguns pedaços de ameixa ou triturá-la.

After stiring for a while, you’ll see the bottom of the pan; it means that the jam is ready. Besides, the texture of the jam must be gooey and must glue to the spoon.
Depois de mexer e ser possível ver o fundo do tacho, significa que a compota está no ponto certo.

Don’t forget to boil a jar to sterilize it. I do it all the times; it’s very important to keep and preserve the jams for a longer time before open it.
Não se esqueça de esterilizar um frasco. Faço-o todas as vezes, já que é importante para guardar e preservar durante períodos mais longos.

When I open my pantry and see 4 jars of jam, I wish to be with my family again, in those crazy lunches, where the chairs aren’t enough for all of us, and be able to share my jams.

3The big jar is from my brother-in-law homemade jam!

The next jam recipes will be Figs with Honey and Pears with (also) Honey Jam. Stay tuned!

Sempre tivemos o hábito de preservar as coisas em casa quando estavam em excesso – como a fruta por exemplo. Em vez de a deixar apodrecer, podemos sempre transformá-la de alguma forma deliciosa. E já que a comida é algo precioso na vida, temos que ter cuidado e fazer o melhor para não desperdiçar nada.

A melhor maneira de preservar fruta é fazer compotas ou geleias. Sempre achei que era algo chato; lembro-me de ver o meu cunhado – que já agora, faz compotas espectaculares – e pensar “Chaaaaaatooooo!”. Claro que mudei de ideias assim que comecei eu mesma a fazê-las.

A primeira que fiz foi a de batata-doce e ofereci aos meus familiares durante o Natal. O meu irmão adora compotas e ele abriu logo a dele, que comeu com tostinhas e queijo. A minha tia comeu a dela à colherada, como se fosse um iogurte ou algo do género; a minha mãe ainda tem a dela e come muito pouco para que dure mais tempo…

Para este Natal já tenho algo em mente, mas diferente. Mas antes do Natal, temos o Pão-por-Deus  e Haloween para reunir a família, sentar-nos à mesa e comer. Para isso, já tenho uns frascos de compota preparados para a ocasião.

Fiz três qualidades de compotas – demasiada fruta em casa -, e hoje vou partilhar a minha favorita: compota de ameixa com cachaça. Adoro a cor, o cheiro e o sabor, oh meu Deus, o sabor! Esta foi a que demorou mais tempo a ser feita, mas ainda assim, valeu a pena.


Author: M.

I’m M., the baker. Mid 20’s, tourist guide by day, chocoholic and foodie by night. I love food and everything related to it. I decided to create this blog after discovering that I love being in the kitchen, get my hands dirty and create delicious meals and desserts. Once in a while and randomly I will post other things that I enjoy in life and makes me happy, but in the end, everything will lead us to food! :)

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