Lemon Cake | Bolo de Limão


The best thing in baking isn’t just eating the dessert nor have fun in doing it, but the sharing with other people.

Luckily, I have plenty of friends to share my experiences with. They are my guinea pigs – cobaias in Portuguese.

I am also lucky to have them as juries; they are true and only say the truth. If the cake is not the best, they make sure to tell me: “M., you can do better”. I appreciate that; that way I’m able to improve my baking skills further and further. This time however, the critics were all good – and that felt even better!

The cake turned out to be soft and smooth and everyone welcomed it sincerely, since some of my friends are a little bit sick. Personally, I call this cake a “Flu Fighter”!

(Makes 15 – Faz 15)

180 g of all-purpose flour | farinha
170 g of brown sugar | açúcar amarelo
80 g of butter at room temperature | manteiga à temperatura ambiente
120 ml of semi-skimmed milk | leite meio-gordo
2 Eggs | ovos
5 tablespoons of white sugar | colheres de sopa de açúcar branco
1 lemon zest and juice | sumo e raspa de limão
Confectioner’s sugar to decoration | açúcar em pó para decorar

Whisk the butter with the brown sugar and the eggs, until smooth and pale.
Misture a manteiga com o açúcar e ovos até obter uma mistura pálida e fofa.

Add the flour and the lemon zest. Mix the semi-skimmed milk.
Adicione a farinha e a raspa de limão. Misture o leite.

Put the dough in a small pan with baking paper and take it to the over (180º C) for about 30 – 40 minutes, until it rise and is soft at touch.
Coloque a massa num tabuleiro com papel vegetal e leve ao forno (180º C) durante 30 a 40 minutos, até que tenha crescido e seja fofo ao toque.

Make syrup with the lemon juice and the white sugar. Heat both ingredients – but don’t let it boil. Just enough time to dissolve the sugar.
Faça o xarope de limão com o sumo e açúcar branco. Aqueça os dois ingredientes – mas não deixe ferver. Apenas o suficiente para dissolver o açúcar.

Stick the cake with a fork to absorb the syrup when poured. Cut the cake in squares and finish with confectioner’s sugar to decorate.
Faça furos no bolo com um garfo e verta o xarope no bolo. Corte o bolo aos quadrados e decore com açúcar em pó.


Believe it or not, they all feel much better now. And so am I. not only because I shared it with them, but because I’m now sharing the recipe with all of you.


Really, isn’t that an amazing thing or what? 🙂

A melhor coisa em fazer bolos não é comê-los, mas sim partilhá-los com outras pessoas. Por sorte, tenho alguns amigos para partilhar as minhas experiências. Eles são as minhas cobaias, como as gosto de chamar.

Também sou sortuda por tê-los como júris; eles dizem apenas a verdade. Se um bolo não está no seu melhor, eles fazem por dizê-lo: “M., consegues fazer melhor”. Eu aprecio a sinceridade; assim, posso melhorar. Desta vez porém, as criticas foram todas positivas.


Author: M.

I’m M., the baker. Mid 20’s, tourist guide by day, chocoholic and foodie by night. I love food and everything related to it. I decided to create this blog after discovering that I love being in the kitchen, get my hands dirty and create delicious meals and desserts. Once in a while and randomly I will post other things that I enjoy in life and makes me happy, but in the end, everything will lead us to food! :)

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