Chocolate Cake with Honey and Apricots | Bolo de Chocolate com Mel e Alperces


I was missing a chocolate cake lately, so what can we do in a situation like that? Simple – bake a chocolate cake.

With so much things happening around here, chocolate is a great friend of mine: it helps me keep calm and chill. And nothing tastes better than arrive home and know that something delicious is waiting to be eaten – this can be interpreted in many ways, but I’m only talking about the cake, ok?

The cake turned to be very small, but I’ve decided to ornament it with fruit and orange honey from Algarve – which I’ve already talked about. The mixture of flavors was perfect and the cake had a sweet and cheerful taste and looked just like Summer itself.

2.I’ve tried to reduce the fat quantity to bake something healthier, as you will see in the list of ingredients that is needed to assemble:

50 g of butter | manteiga
80 g of dark chocolate | chocolate
1 Natural Yogurt | iogurte natural
4 Tablespoons of sugar | colheres de sopa de açúcar
2 Tablespoons of flour  | colheres de sopa de farinha
1 Teaspoon of baking powder | colher de sobremesa de fermento em pó
2 Egg whites | claras de ovo
Honey | mel
Fruit | fruta variada

Whisk the egg whites until stiff. In a pan, melt the chocolate with the butter.
Bater as claras em castelo. Num tacho, derreter o chocolate com a manteiga.

Mix the sugar with the yogurt and then add the chocolate. Add the flour with the baking powder.
Misturar o açúcar com o iogurte e depois adicionar o chocolate. Adicionar a farinha com o fermento.

Carefully, join the egg whites to the chocolate mixture and bake the cake (160º C) for about 30 to 35 minutes.
Com cuidado, misturar as claras e levar ao forno (160º C) durante 30 a 35 minutos.

When still warm, put the cake in a plate and spread honey – I used orange honey from Algarve – all over the cake. To finish, I used 2 apples, 1 banana and 4 apricots for decoration.
Enquanto quente, verter mel q.b. Para finalizar, usei maçãs, banana e alperces para decorar.

3.And voilà, one chocolate cake for me. And you, what have you been cooking / baking lately?


Já sentia uma falta de um bolo de chocolate e o que fazer numa situação dessas? Simples – fazer um bolo de chocolate.

Com tantas coisas a acontecer ultimamente, chocolate tem sido um grande amigo meu: ajuda a manter-me calma e relaxada. E nada sabe melhor que chegar a casa e saber que algo delicioso está à minha espera – isto pode ser interpretada de muitas maneiras, mas só estou a falar do bolo, ok?

O bolo saiu-me pequeno, mas decidi enfeitá-lo com algumas frutas e mel de laranjeira do Algarve. A mistura de sabores foi perfeita e o bolo ficou doce e com aspecto feliz, tal com o Verão deve ser.


Author: M.

I’m M., the baker. Mid 20’s, tourist guide by day, chocoholic and foodie by night. I love food and everything related to it. I decided to create this blog after discovering that I love being in the kitchen, get my hands dirty and create delicious meals and desserts. Once in a while and randomly I will post other things that I enjoy in life and makes me happy, but in the end, everything will lead us to food! :)

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