Backyard Tours – Finding Algarve

Backyard_beach Have you ever heard about the Backyard Tours? No?! Well, don’t worry, I’m here to talk about them and let you know who they are and what they do. Backyard Tours are a small and Nature friendly tourism company. They provide tours in the Western Algarve, the Barlavento region, from Lagos to Sagres. Their experiences are quite different from what you are used to see from other tours companies; they make sure to give to people a quality time in their company, in a relaxed, open and young spirit way. They make the difference, that is for sure, and if someone is looking for a remarkable time in Algarve, a tour in the Backyard will be forever remembered! More things that you should know about the Backyard Tours: they take people to magical and not so known places of Algarve, that usually aren’t included in the tourist guides. Backyard_storks Their tours have lots of walking and discovering parts through the Nature, as well as some learning about History and local curiosities. Oh, and I almost forgot! In each and every tour, they make a picnic at sunset, with good Portuguese snacks! (Hummmmmmm…)

For now, they have 4 tours available and each of one tells people a different history of Algarve. Here they are:

Finding Lagos Tour (Historical Tour) 

Lagos, the place of remarkable beaches, with one nominated many times as the most beautiful beach in the World, Dona Ana beach. But Lagos is much more than beaches, hotels and booze! Lagos was also home for the Celtics, who lived here and founded the city; Lagos was the place where a new era begun for the Portuguese – where the Portuguese Discoveries took place and departed to discover and conquer the World. That and much more is explored with the Backyard Tours. Even when you think that you know everything about a place, you will be surprised with the curiosities about this city throughout the entire tour! Backyard_lagos

Finding Ancient Forts Tour

Burgau, is the beginning (or the ending) of the Parque Natural da Costa Vicentina . It’s a place where Algarve gets wilder in a strong contrast with the cities’ landscape. This tour, besides the amazing and outstanding views, has a lot of ruins and fortress to discover along the paths. Always with the sea on our side to look at, it is possible to observe the wild flora and nesting places for some bird species. It is a calm and relaxed tour, where people actually can enjoy the great Algarve’s weather, the warm and sweet breeze and forget about their daily life. The picnic at the end takes place in a perfect and calm beach, in which is possible to have a really nice swim at the sunset.

Finding South-Western Beaches Tour

People will know the wildest and most beautiful beaches along this side of Algarve’s Coastline. But there’s more! There exists also some famous rocks… As well as view some awesome landscapes. Bringing the camera and swimsuit are a rule, this tour has breath-taking views!


Finding Sagres Tour

The last tour takes place at Promontorium Sacrum or at the End of the World as it was known in ancient times. The Backyard Tours take people to must see places in Sagres and to discover the South Western corner of Europe in an easy-way tour.  This region offers beautiful and breath-taking landscapes, and for moments, people will forget that they are still in Algarve, since it is such a wild and peaceful region! The picnic at the end will reward for the walking, since the beach where it take place is mostly known by surfers and adventurous like Backyard fellows! Backyard_sagres Some information that you should know:

  • The tours have about 5 to 6 hours;
  • Almost everyone can do this tours, since they have an easy-medium level of difficulty;
  • And the fantastic part is that the prices are really friendly! There can be some discounts if booked for the next two weeks!
  1. Finding Lagos-Luz Tour: 35€
  2. Finding Burgau-Budens Tour: 40€
  3. Finding Raposeira Tour: 40€
  4. Finding Sagres Tour: 45€

Oh, and don’t worry about accidents or what so ever. Every client is ensured during the tours. But why don’t you give a look at the Backyard Tours website?

I’m just a messenger, but even so, I can guarantee you that they are always available to answer your questions. They are really nice guys and are looking forward to meet you!

Now you know: if you are thinking in spending some time in Algarve, call them! You’ll have a blast of a time and will know Algarve like no one else!

Don’t forget to share their website and facebook page with your friends, family and every person that you know! That’s what I’m doing…  =) Backyard_sunset


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