Portuguese Biscoitos | Biscoitos Portugueses


The conventual Portuguese sweets or doçaria conventual Portuguesa, is one of the richest gastronomic treasures of the world.

Conventual recipes are mainly based in eggs, sugar and flour mixture. We have tortas de laranja – which I’ve recently posted – doce de ovos, ovos moles, pão-de-ló, folares, and so many other!

Adding to the main ingredients, the ways of the people from each Portuguese region gave origin to a wide variety of special conventual sweets, so appreciated throughout the world.

But the conventual desserts are not the only thing that brings happiness to a Portuguese table. It is very common and often to see a variety of types of biscuits.

We call it biscoitos and the nearest translation that I can do is to biscuits. These are not cookies or something alike. They are something close to biscuits, although not the same.

It’s impossible to go to a Portuguese pastry and do not find, at least, three or four types of these little fellows. Almendrados, lagartos, S’s, línguas-de -gato, etc. You’ll find hard not to be addicted to one of those!

Personally, I really like the ones with an S shape (we simply call them S’s) and lagartos (literally, lizards!), the ones that I made in the other day.


Once you taste some, you’ll see yourself addicted. You will end up eating one after another in teeny-tiny bites…


A Doçaria Conventual Portuguesa é um do tesouro gastronómico. As receitas conventuais são principalmente à base de muitos ovos, açúcar e alguma farinha. Como no caso das tortas de laranja – que falei à pouco – doce de ovos, ovos moles, pão-de-ló, folares, e tantos outros!

Depois cada região acrescenta aos ingredientes principais, uns especiais e a maneira que cada região faz determinada receita, torna-a única e muito apreciada não só pelos Portugueses mas em todo o Mundo.

Ainda existe algo que trás bastante felicidade à mesa dos Portugueses que são os nossos  biscoitos. É impossível não irmos a uma pastelaria e não encontrar, pelo menos, umas cinco ou seis variedades de biscoitos – Almendrados, lagartos, S’s, línguas-de -gato, etc. É muito difícil não ficar viciado!

Pessoalmente gosto dos SS e dos lagartos, os que fiz no outro dia. Uma vez que se prova um, é impossível parar de comer…


Author: M.

I’m M., the baker. Mid 20’s, tourist guide by day, chocoholic and foodie by night. I love food and everything related to it. I decided to create this blog after discovering that I love being in the kitchen, get my hands dirty and create delicious meals and desserts. Once in a while and randomly I will post other things that I enjoy in life and makes me happy, but in the end, everything will lead us to food! :)

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